by Saul Stokes

Noise Coast 08:43
Furioso 11:24
IMIYE 08:34
Fields 11:33


Cover Artwork "Lillaceae 2" by Johnine Majchrowicz

Constructing his music from the gear on up has provided Saul Stokes with a truly fascinating musical voice. His music's success comes from a combination of his singularly idiosyncratic sound designs and, on Fields (67:38), a more conformed approach to composition. As expected, at the foundation of this album are the unique rhythms and timbres realized by Stokes using his custom built synthesizers; but more significant is the particular mental outlook required to undertake such a mission. On Fields, Stokes evloves beyond pure abstract expressionism and wiring wizardry by wrangling seven coherent "songs" out of the familiar chaos of his aural experiments. Attempts at analyzing this music through comparison are futile as the music's originality defies analogy. Aligning Fields with Intelligent Dance Music, classic Spacemusic, New Age or even the Avant-Garde proves inadequate. Stokes should be commended for his uncategorizability. Fields is an album full of positive energy and distinctive contrasts. It is many things: refined, warm, uplifting, comforting and contemplative as well as cold, unsettling and raw - its catchy, friendly hooks running contrary to its directionless free-form. Here Stokes revels equally in tightly arranged progressions and timeless amorphous drones.

When Saul Stokes first came to the attention of the Ambient/Spacemusic scene, he was often referred to as an "up and coming" musical prospect. With the release of Fields, Stokes has definately "arrived"; however briefly... and continued straight on passed us and all our notions about Electronic Music. Today Stokes is a leading inspirational force in our diverse and talented community.

- Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END 26 June 2003


released June 6, 2003


Stokes' custom hand made Abstractor Synthesizer with Circle 16 Analog Sequencer,

Stokes' custom portable analog modular synthesizer with modules from Electronotes, Serge, Buchla, Blacet, Tb303,

Akai S6000

Akai MPC1000

Hand Made Buchla Touchplate Keyboard

Electroharmonix products

Akai DPS16 Digital Recorder

Lexicon Vortex and numerous other Effects


all rights reserved



Saul Stokes Oakland, California

Please note my email has changes. Contact me at

Saul Stokes is a musician from Oakland California. Described as one of today's most eclectic electronic musicians, Stokes has been producing and releasing his own angle of electronic music for over 16 years. Stokes creates music using an array of modular hand-forged electronics to achieve his signature sound. ... more

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